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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

#StopAdani Summit - Melbourne

I have been experiencing torture by technology for the last several weeks.

There have been visits from NBN workers and interminable calls to Telstra. And I am writing this post at speed in the hope that I will finish it before I am inexplicably cut off again. Fingers crossed!

Images are also currently compromised as I transfer them to this blog (Although if you click on them they are much clearer full size). Having said all that, I have decided to proceed with this post anyhow as the great event I attended over 2 weeks ago deserves every possible record. And the issue is even more hot today than it was then. I'm referring of course to the battle to stop Adani.

Queensland feels so far away. And the tyranny of distance makes it hard to believe sometimes that Victorians can have any impact on the crucial fight being waged up north. So when I learned that a summit to StopAdani was scheduled at my local Fitzroy Town Hall I grabbed the opportunity to participate, and to record it.

Here are some of the pictures I took on the day of some seasoned campaigners and new recruits:

Fitzroy Town Hall

Prominent anti-Adani warrior Aunty Carol Prior from Queensland

Bruce and Annette Currie, central Queensland farmers who live kilometres from the Adani coal mine. Bruce is standing as an independent in the uncoming Queensland election - if only Victorians could vote.

Jagveer Singh, Hoppers Crossing High School Student, who has catalysed protests against Adani within his school

Sharing experiences in small groups

Rabbi Jonathan Keren-Black (right) a leading inter-faith opponent of Adani