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Saturday, March 05, 2011

A hive of activity

The last few weeks have been particuarly productive ones for me.
I have had an article on food swaps - 'One Good Turn-ip Deserves Another' published in the latest Earth Garden Magazine and another on permacultural responses to pesky possums - 'Possum Magic' - featured in the biannual book Back Yard Farmer put out by Earth Garden Books. To learn more about where you can get copies click here.
I have also had an article on the world-wide bees crisis published in The Big Issue. To learn more about The Big Issue click here.
All of a sudden there seems to be lots of publisher interest in pieces on environmental themes. I must have read five articles on bees alone in the newspaper over the last few weeks. Clearly the Zeitgeist is changing rapidly; maybe we will be able to adapt quickly enough to avert disaster after all.