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Friday, July 15, 2011

Inching into the 21st century

Over the last few weeks, thanks to my kids, I have acquired a new g-mail address plus an i-Phone on which I can viber and skype. So what? I hear those of you - seemingly the majority - who are technologically well-endowed, retort.
You have to understand that for years I have even resisted owning a mobile, so for me these acquisitions are monumental. I'm still tentative, haven't got the hang of things completely, but my skills increase, if minutely, day by day. And last week, as I registered all the films I'd booked at the Melbourne International Film Festival on my iPhone, obviating the need for paper tickets, and later, initiated an interview via skype for an article I was writing, I felt very pleased with myself. There must be a downside to being more techno-savvy - after all, there is to everything - but I've yet to discover it.
Apart from playing with my iPhone, I've also been busy writing over past weeks. The interviewee I skyped was no other than the renowned film maker, Helena Norberg Hodge, whose wonderful documentary 'The Economics of Happiness' is currently screening around Australia. I managed to see it at a local bar/cinema with a group of food swap friends, and subsequently wrote an article about it What the happiness balance sheet looks like for new matilda. Check it out and don't miss the discussion afterwards.