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Monday, October 17, 2016

Hazelwood: Au Revoir!

I had fully intended to go tonight, to meet up with the other protestors, also responding to the Greens' call, near the Rialto Building. We were to assemble there at 5.30. to give Engie, the French co-owners of Hazelwood, whose offices are located in the tower, one last push. The timing is crucial because a board meeting scheduled for early this week will make the final decision on closure of Australia's most polluting coal power station.

The Greens, in collaboration with other community groups including Friends of the Earth and the Environmental Defenders, as well as numerous concerned individuals, have been mounting a campaign for years now to have the power station closed. And to replace it with more sustainable, non-polluting job opportunities for the beleaguered residents of the Latrobe Valley.

I had intended as usual to take pictures of the protest, which I would post later tonight on this blog. But the elements have defeated me. My camera doesn't like the rain, and positively hates thunder, as do I. So, instead, to mark this final push, I decided to briefly revisit an earlier sun-drenched protest to present some of the key figures who have worked so hard for this imminent victory:

With the angels on our side

And god

With energetic committed new MPs

And savvy veterans

And with indomitable people power

No wonder a mere company like Engie will finally meet its match. Au Revoir Hazelwood!