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Last year, as the unofficial blogger/photographer to the anti-East-West Link campaign, our battles were my blog's entire focus. But by Christmas, with the electoral win for people power and the dumping of the dud Tunnel, I was suddenly at a loss. What to write about now? Not sure yet. But there will be ongoing musings and images from this Australian life. So please leave a message. (No need to sign into an account. Simply comment as ‘anonymous’; then leave your name within the comment itself.)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Elections and ascensions

Last time I wrote we were on the edge of a Federal election, and soon it's the (Victorian) State's turn. What exciting times we have had over the last months. From my point of view as a Green, the outcome couldn't have been better. What a thrill it was to see Adam Bandt taking his seat in Parliament. There are bound to be contentious times ahead, but so be it - at least there is a chance now for the important issues to remain on the radar.
Personally, I have been having a good time with my writing. After a lot of effort - opportunities for free lancers seem to be disappearing in the conventional print media - I had my Flamenco piece published in 'The Australian'. The inaugural 'City Permaculture' put out by Earth Garden includes my article on guerilla gardens (with photos). A piece on the wonderful Indian environmental activist, Vandana Shiva, and her views on the Murray Darling Basin conflict appeared on new matilda's website on Wednesday. And an article on Burma and the plight of Burmese journalists under the current regime, stimulated by the film 'Burma VJ', will appear in the next Pen newsletter. You can check all these out soon in the 'writing' section, as Luke is about to update this website as part of my birthday present. Thank you Luke!
I often think how lucky I am not to have to write for a living. It means I'm free to explore what I like, at a pace that suits me. And when I feel the urge I can abandon writing altogether and just hang out in the garden.
Which is looking lush at the moment, full of burgeoning veggies, thanks to all this wonderful rain. The vines are circling the pergola posts with abandon and the broad beans seem to shoot up between breakfast and dinner time. I've had to stake them back firmly or they'd be knocking at the front door,Triffid-like. Jhonan loves it all. As soon as he arrives, he makes a bee-line for the garden. Probably to him it seems like a real spacious farm.
Since our trip to Spain and in anticipation of another trip next year - yippee - I have been throwing myself into learning Spanish. There is a great conversation class on Wednesday evenings at our neighbourhood house. My sister, Jane, is a founder member and it is a terrific group. We are a very diverse bunch and we have a lot of laughs trying to communicate. Fortunately there is always plenty of vino to aid disinhibition. I'm the dunce, but what I figure is - for me, the only way is up.