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Thursday, January 30, 2014

'Operation Burrow': Today's Tunnel Picket (Friday)

Locked on at Operation Burrow

Protestors were amused earlier this week to learn that the police code name for the tunnel protest is Operation Burrow. We had some fun coming up with ideas about what that might mean. One suggestion I particularly liked was that it is so called because the government's business plan has been burrowed away, never to see the light of day.
My own association was with 'bunnies', an old Aussie slang word my Dad used about people who were inept or easily made fools of. I wondered if, as the Tunnel fiasco unfolds, being bunnies just about sums up the police experience.

Jill's bunnies

The artist, Jill Anderson, was there today compiling a pictorial record, as she often does, of her experience. Jill uses books with the word 'black' in their title, and creates in black pen a new story over the old. Watch out for her upcoming exhibition!
I started getting carried away with my bunnies analogy, thinking how ferrets are more than a match for your typical bunny, and that 'ferrets' sounds very close to the 'ferals' that according to some of the press populate our ranks.
The three protestors had outfoxed police - I'll have to stop this! - arriving at the drill site at the intersection of Queens and Alexandra Parades early. By the time we arrived they were settled in on the rig, with one person locked on.

The Early Birds

It was great to think that the occupation of the drill site was slowing down the start of business. Also yesterday the drillers struck problems - literally - as a large rock made it impossible to proceed. At this stage, the drillers too are looking very like bunnies.
News today from Anthony was that new drilling sites have been proposed for Royal Park, even though Linking Melbourne had promised that they would desist there. We are no longer surprised by broken promises, but absolutely committed to resisting further drilling in 'Melbourne's lungs'.
The signage was great today. I was particularly happy to see the old faithful below, formerly at the end of the Eastern freeway, with a clever enhancement:

Beautified old favourite

Another old sign, thought to be lost, also turned up and was proudly displayed:

Crowd pleaser

I had to leave early as usual to get to work. But I learned via twitter that, after my departure, the lockers-on were removed and Sean Bedlam, after being briefly arrested, was released. Police moved in, in force, to enable a works truck to drive into the cage. Protestors sat strong, with the result that work did not commence until after 11am. This is just further evidence that we ferrets are unstoppable.


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