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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

'Get a job, you freaks!': Tunnel Picket (Wednesday)


This morning there were lots of toots of encouragement from drivers exiting the Eastern Freeway to pass us at the latest drilling site on the corner of Wellington Street and Alexandra Parade. Of course there was also abuse, the most regular unboubtedly being the oh so original: 'Get a job!' often shouted with venom. But the placard holders stationed at the edge of the freeway exit are a particularly robust crew. They are expert in responding, some waving cheerfully, others going so far as to taunt abusers with: 'Have a nice day.'

Cool Cats

This morning's change of site from Bud Street was a surprise. Police arrived earlier than us - at 5am - and once again had informed none of the local residents of their intentions. Apparently though, they had marked out the site the previous day to ensure the drill avoided utilities and, overnight, residents removed all their markings. So this morning they had to start all over again. We were prepared for the police to try to move the trucks parked on the verge into the cage, but it never happened.
Instead protestors got to mingle and strategize:

Policeman feeling left out

There was even some singing - of one of the new picket songs - courtesy of our resident composer, lyricist and veteran of the Eastern Freeway extension protests, Rowan White.

Drillers relaxing in the sun

Highway Patrol lurking at junction, forcing cyclists into traffic

In the end girding our loins for further battle proved unnecessary.
A playful challenge that we have a cricket match instead - Picketers versus Victoria Police - was met with silence. Maybe the police are beginning to realise they are out-classed. After all no drilling at all occurred today.

The Picketers' Eleven


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Picketers - congratulations on your amazing tenacity. Day after day we hear that you are still there. In the late 90's when we were picketing Elliott Avenue over construction of the State Netball and Hockey Centre in Royal Park the hoons used to drive past and shout "Get a Job" Our reply was always "Get a Life" Seems like nothing had changed since those days. The Australian obsession with cars continues as does the politicians denial of the need for increased efficient public transport, especially the Doncaster Rail! You are all invited to the meeting of Victoria First Inc. at 1:45 pm start Sat. 1 February at Edinburgh Gardens Fitzroy Community Room to hear Ernest Healy of Monash University speak on "Melbourne - headed for CARmaggedon?" (Hear about our population boom and increased car ownership and car dependence) Enquiries

6:59 PM  
Blogger Sue Jackson said...

Thank you for your thoughtful comments and tireless work, Julianne!

11:21 PM  

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