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Last year, as the unofficial blogger/photographer to the anti-East-West Link campaign, our battles were my blog's entire focus. But by Christmas, with the electoral win for people power and the dumping of the dud Tunnel, I was suddenly at a loss. What to write about now? Not sure yet. But there will be ongoing musings and images from this Australian life. So please leave a message. (No need to sign into an account. Simply comment as ‘anonymous’; then leave your name within the comment itself.)

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Media Frenzy at today's Tunnel Picket

The Invisible Man

I know Anthony, one of our key organisers, is definitely in that scrum.  But such was the enthusiasm of the media at this morning's tunnel picket that it was hard to be certain.
As the glamorous 'Anchors' conferred and the technicians readied their equipment, the activity behind the scenes was almost greater than that amongst the patient, sleep-deprived picketers out front.

Dressed to impress and it's only 6am!

Mind you, I am not complaining. It was wonderful to have such a substantial media presence. No doubt some of their interest had been sparked by yesterday afternoon's violence. But I'm also certain they have their noses to the wind, and know the wind is changing in our direction.
And one advantage of the media being early risers is that the site was illuminated by their mighty lights, so I can give you a truer picture of what the picket looked like pre-dawn:

The Early Birds

By about 6am the group had swelled and was four deep in places. There were many new faces, who despite yesterday's police violence, bravely took their places on the picket line.

The people, united

We were not exactly sure how close the drillers were to finishing their job. But we succeeded in preventing the truck, which we understood was necessary to complete the work, from entering the drilling site. And best of all, we did it with our mere presence.

The truck in question

As I headed off home, I reflected on the vagaries of picketing.
Less that 24 hours earlier we had found ourselves in a situation of high anxiety and police aggression. But this morning, if I hadn't known better, I could easily have thought I was at a very laid back music festival (minus the music). People were milling about, laughing, chatting, getting to know strangers.
Looking back, as I waited to cross Alexandra Parade, this is the scene I saw -

Community Mixer

The Street Medics, not required to attend to injuries, were taking time out to relax and display placards to passing motorists. The police seemed to be listening to Anthony speaking. And the numerous protestors were pressed up close to each other, socialising. What a difference a day makes!


Blogger MR.GRIM said...

That's a much better result indeed. :) Good on ya Mum!

9:06 PM  
Anonymous Meredith said...

Excellent blog Sue! Nice to read a sober and realistic account of what's happening, instead of the hyped up rubbish from some of the mainstream media.

4:11 PM  
Blogger Sue Jackson said...

Thank you, Mr Grim and Meredith, for the support and encouragement!

6:00 PM  

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