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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Santa's Little Helpers - this morning's Eastern Freeway protest

Pretty please, Santa!

This morning at the end of the Eastern Freeway protestors were getting into the Christmas spirit, with Santa hats and streamers galore. The increasing number of toots from passing motorists meant that we didn't need champagne to feel festive. We know that around 74% of Melbournians favour improved public transport over more roads and that is becoming more and more obvious in the enthusiastic reactions to our protest.

This fact speaks for itself

It's amazing when confronted with the streams of cars emerging from the freeway, or more often stuck at the exit, to imagine how the situation would be improved were 800 or 1600 or ... removed from the freeway. All those ex-motorists, who could relax in the comfort of brand new trains, while somebody else did the driving.

Don't we all know it!

The light-heartedness of this ongoing protest and the creativity and playfulness of the sign developers and carriers makes it a fun way to end the week. Rather than feel they are being preached at, many motorists are obviously welcoming the street theatre that awaits them as they leave the grey angry freeway.

A simple and sensible request

Herschel, Alison and Norelle

One of the aspects I enjoy most about the East-West Link protest movement is the camaraderie that is developing amongst us protestors, and the opportunity standing by the road's edge provides for rich conversations with people, who might otherwise never cross your path.
Herschel, from North Caulfield, a self-confessed 'provocateur' is convinced that we are winning the public debate. He believes that the Liberal Government knows they have made a huge blunder with the East-West Link, and need to find a way to exit from this disastrous project without losing face. I am inclined to agree with him and so I ended up feeling very buoyed by our conversation. Maybe a Doncaster train will be in all our Christmas stockings this year!


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