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Thursday, January 09, 2014

'Come to Charlotte St Collingwood NOW!'

Back to back opposition

Just when you think everything is quiet!
'Come to Charlotte St Collingwood NOW! New drill being set up' was the message I received at 2.30 this afternoon. Alarmed residents had contacted the Tunnel Picket hotline when they noticed police and MCL drilling company workers had arrived unannounced in their street and were preparing to set up a rig.
Fortunately I'd had time for lunch and a rest and because I wanted to get their poste haste I jumped in my car. This last was important - more later.
About 30 protestors rushed to take up positions on the roadway with police ranged against them on both sides.

Roasting in the sun

I was delighted to discover that finally my housekeeping (or rather carkeeping) slackness had paid off. I was able to find a yoga mat, a sunguard, a tarpaulin, an old shirt and heaps of newspapers in my boot, all perfect seating for the picketers on the boiling asphalt. I even discovered an umbrella, which provided an oasis of shade. Other supporters kept up the sun screen and water to those seated on the ground.
Today was so exhausting that I'm pretty much out of puff. I will have to allow the following photos to speak for themselves:

Water truck moving towards defenceless protestors

Police move in to forge a way for the truck

Picketers reassemble on Alexandra Parade

Police manhandling picketers

'Push' was the police command

Anthony after his release

Anthony was arrested and put in the police wagon. Eventually he was released because the only offence the police could charge him with was obstructing traffic, for which he will eventually appear in court. We finally left Charlotte Street around 4pm.
Driving home, I could hardly believe that what I had just witnessed was happening in Australia, in my very own neighbourhood!

The fight goes on - tomorrow at 5.30am.


Blogger Luke C Jackson said...

I'm in total admiration of the protesters. It takes real bravery to stand up for what you believe in. It's hard to imagine any of the cops feeling good as they tell their husband/wife about their day or tuck their kids in for the night.

1:42 AM  
Blogger Sue Jackson said...

That's exactly what I said to a quartet of officers today, and one of the two females imperceptibly nodded agreement.

2:25 AM  
Blogger MR.GRIM said...

Great job Mom!

5:18 PM  

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