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Friday, September 26, 2014


I awoke this morning and like all true Melbournians was gripped by Grand Final Fever. But my excitement had nothing to do with the hallowed turf of the MCG. Rather it was focussed on an equally revered locale a mere 3 kilometres away.

Not the MCG

That is where, at the Supreme and High courts, if not the grand final then at least a semi-final in the battle between East-West Link Protest, the team of local citizen Tony Murphy, and his cashed-up opponent, the State Government, will be fought.
My excitement nearly bubbled over this morning when I heard news of a surprise late inclusion. Star player, QC Julian Burnside, high-profile Human Rights and Refugee Advocate, is slated to join Tony's other two able defenders Ron Merkel and Simona Gory in Monday's high stakes game.
I wish I had a photo to include of these luminaries in action but unfortunately photography is forbidden in Court. Instead I can insert one of Tony, no mere rookie himself but rather a seasoned performer, speaking eloquently earlier this year against the E-W Link in that 'true Parliament' - the Parliamentary steps in Spring Street:

As with all successful organisations, the East-West Link Protest team has a talented group working hard behind the scenes, performing a crucial role. One of them, Harriet Mantell, manager and selector, has been tireless in her efforts:

Harriet also keeps fans abreast of the state of play. It was from her that I learned that on Monday well-behaved fans (bells and whistles prohibited) will at 10am be rewarded with a glimpse of the key players at the Supreme Court - Appeal Court. At that time one of the chief referees, Justice Susan Crennan, will be handing down her decision on the appeals.
Despite trying hard to get my head around them, I still don't entirely understand the complex legal matters, but I do know that the issue of injunctions are crucial. We are hoping via them to ensure that the Government has to delay signing the contracts and that the compulsory acquisition of properties is postponed. This is of particular significance for Keith Fitzgerald, a stalwart senior East-West Link Protest player, spotted last weekend over the back fence of his home, scheduled for demolition, in Bendigo Street Collingwood.

One thing I do know about Monday's game is that not only the players, but supporters too, will need to dash. The State Government has only agreed to postpone signing the contracts until 12 noon, so that we have to vacate the Supreme Court and run to the High Court with only moments to spare. It seems unlikely that there will be any 'time on' allowed.
No doubt I am a one-eyed supporter, but something I am certain of is that whichever team wins on Monday, East-West Link Protest, with its large and expanding supporter base, will be the ultimate victor.


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