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Friday, August 15, 2014

A Brush with the Law: An Exhibition Supporting the Tunnel Picket

'We're gonna fight it all the way!'

Last night The Trophy Shop in Preston was crammed with anti East-West Link supporters attending the opening of 'A Brush with the Law' art exhibition.

Standing Room Only

We had assembled on a cold crisp night to admire the works of 33 local artists, who are generously donating all the proceeds of their sales to the Tunnel Picket.

You had to be quick though because in no time at all red 'sold' stickers were peppering the walls of the tiny gallery. You also had to be relatively quick because all evening there was a press of people, spilling out into the adjoining street as they waited their turn to enter the gallery.

Of course that was no problem as we Tunnel Picketers are expert at waiting, having spent hours standing at drill sites waiting for the police or the trucks to arrive or depart or for the signal to quit the picket for the day. We are also extremely good at entertaining ourselves, and last night was no exception. We had a couple of speakers:

Bill addressing the troops

And we shared stories. My favourite was undoubtedly Cathy Drummond's. As always a gracious hostess, Cathy had been inclusive in her distribution of invitations to the exhibition. She invited the members of the Labor Party, the Greens and didn't forget our Premier. Hardly expecting a reply from that last quarter, she nearly dropped the work she was hanging yesterday when a call came through from the Premier's Department. The Premier's PA was calling to say that her boss wouldn't be able attend, but she/he (?) hoped it would go well!  Cathy, dumbfounded, mumbled 'Thank you' in reply.

We can't promise you personal contact from Victoria's Leader, but if you were unlucky and missed last night, don't despair. The Exhibition, at The Trophy Shop, 131 Plenty Road Preston, is on today and tomorrow from 11am - 5pm. Come along to admire, and perhaps even buy, the great works on display. Remember: All proceeds go to the Tunnel Picket.


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What a fantastic way of contributing. Congratulations to all on a great initiative.

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