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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Lend Lease, Napthine's Favoured Frauds, & today's Tunnel Picket

We Tunnel Picketers met this morning in bright sunshine outside the Lend Lease office Docklands. This snap action was organised in response to yesterday's announcement that Lend Lease has been handed the poisoned chalice; the company is the Premier's preferred bidder for the East-West Link contract.

Anthony made the point in his eloquent address that this is a particularly congruent choice. Lend Lease has a bad reputation internationally, having admitted as recently as 2012 to extensive fraud in the US.
All the more reason you would think for the Labor opposition to distance themselves from this unholy alliance, and to take up their option, with Geoff Shaw's support, of blocking the signing of the contracts. Especially in view of the fact that just 4 days ago Federal Labor's Infrastructure Minister, Anthony Albanese, suggested that the East-West Link project was 'about as popular as the Ebola virus.'
There is another reason why today is a red letter day for Tunnel protestors. This morning in the Supreme Court the Judge will be handing down his verdict in the case of Tony Murphy vs the State Government.

As you can see from the picture above, the media at our picket grabbed the opportunity to interview Tony. He was clear that, win or lose, the case is very likely to go to an appeal, a prospect that could hardly please the Government or the preferred bidder.

Above is a picture of Tony talking with a member of the Police Prosecutions unit, who said that he would probably go to the Supreme Court to hear the outcome.
I have just heard via the grapevine that Tony's bid was unsuccessful, though I know none of the details at this stage.
I would like to take the opportunity to thank Tony, who in his unassuming and forthright manner and with the assistance of a fantastic legal team headed by QC Ron Merkel, took on the challenge of publicly opposing the Government. He did it on behalf of all Victorians with a passion for public transport, the environment and social justice. And I, for one, am most grateful. 


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