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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bodies on the line: Napthine's attack in Tunnel Picket land (Wednesday lunchtime)

I'm still trembling. Where do we live? Today at lunch time I responded to the call for a snap action in Smith Street Collingwood, where Premier Napthine was treating the Departments of Health and Human Services to the benefits of his expertise and human empathy. We picketers waited outside for him as he left the below ground car park in a chauffeured government car. 
I couldn't believe it - when we stepped in front of the emerging car with our placards, the car didn't stop. It just kept on coming. Rosie lay on the ground in front of it. If she hadn't been dragged away by security, she would have been severely injured:

And the car just kept on coming: 

And coming:

He's in there

Right out on to Smith Street into the path of trams and other cars. There was no way it was going to stop:

Afterwards we discovered that the car had run over Toby's ankle.

The ambulance arrived and an officer tended to him, just as I had to leave to return to work.

That car was never going to stop no matter who was hurt. Where do we live???


Blogger MR.GRIM said...

That is a lawsuit right there! Hopefully one of you knows a good one :) I'm sorry that happened, that sounds awful and very frightning

8:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SECURITY threw the man under the car!


6:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was this incident covered in the media? Only a short clip by Channel 10 and in the Age online of Wednesday This is reminiscent of the incident in 1966 when LBJ President of the USA was visiting Australia. When in Sydney he was in a car with NSW Premier, Robert Askin who later recounted the experience of being surrounded by protestors and proudly told how he had urged the US President to "Drive over the bastards." Luckily LBJ did not take his advice. One wonders what instruction Premier Naphine have given to his driver last Wednesday in Smith Street Collingwood when he ran over one protestor. Signed "Protestors R Us" PS Toby Best wishes for a speedy recovery

8:23 PM  

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