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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Misfortune Cookies at the East-West Link Hearing (PTUA)

A misfortune cookie, anyone?

This morning the Public Transport Users Association staged a clever stunt outside the Mercure Hotel, venue for the ongoing East-West Link Hearing. I was happy to be asked to attend to take photos.
Pauline morphed into a bespangled fortune teller, complete with crystal ball, giving Hearing participants and passers-by the benefits of her predictions should the disastrous Link ever be built:

Fortune teller at work

There were some people for whom the fortune teller's predictions were old news:

No surprises for Brendan, a stalwart opponent of the East-West Link

There were others undoubtedly hearing these predictions for the very first time:

Protestor in the making

Messages in the cookies advised: 'When at the crossroads, take the train. Avoid the trucks' and 'Rails Beget Trains. Roads beget Traffic.' This food for thought, as well as for the stomach, received a particularly enthusiastic response from some passers by:

And I had a pleasant surprise myself. Tom Pikusa, barrister for Protectors of Public Lands Vic and Royal Park Protection Group, said that one of the experts for the Linking Melbourne Authority was recently forced to admit that the tunnel would only relieve traffic congestion for 5 years! 5 years at the cost of 8 billion dollars. Surely once that news gets out, the arithmetic will speak for itself.
Congratulations to PTUA staff and volunteers for a clever, playful and timely stunt:

Outside the Mercure Hotel this morning


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Had we known there was a fortune teller outside the Mecure Hotel prior to this morning's proceedings of the Victorian Planning Panel's "Review" of the proposed East West Link Project, we would have invited her in to put the moz on the assembled corporate identities (proponents of the EW Link) whose clear intention is to vandalise and wreck what was once our Garden State. This mammoth Government "Review" will be grinding on for another 5 weeks and people are urged to attend even for an afternoon to see what we are up against. People are also urged to visit the "fortyfivedownstairs" gallery (at 45 Flinders Lane) Tue - Fri 11am to 5pm & Sat 12pm to 4pm to see David Tatnall's stunning exhibition "The Last Summer" of Royal Park. Most of the trees he photographed are in the pathway of the tollroad juggernaut and will be axed as part of the carnage when 5200 trees are felled to make way for the EW Link thru Royal Park. Signed "Protestors R Us"

12:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good on the PTUA, predictors of the future, for pointing out this morning outside the Mecure Hotel in Spring Street the "horrorscope" for Melbourne once the $8 billion East West Link starts construction. Denis the Menace plans to allow the consortia which win the contract to delay until 2020 to start construction of the EW Toll Road. (There will be no funds for the Doncaster Rail.) The road tenderer who wins the contract to build what we regard as the biggest White Elephant in Australian History will have until 2030 to comply with the contract and start building. By this time petrol will have run out, we will all be in the elderly retrirement homes and the full horror of the Government having concreted up our principal bushland park might have sunk in. Signed Lewis from Laverton

1:07 AM  
Blogger Jill Koppel said...

Thanks, Sue - you're everywhere, and so is Pauline!

4:16 AM  

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