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Friday, April 28, 2006

Anxiety at 'Sunrise'

Yesterday, at short notice, I was invited on to the 'In focus' segment of 'Sunrise' to talk about the book. For those of you who, like me, have never heard of it - where have we all been? - 'Sunrise' is Channel 7's high-rating, national, morning chat show.
I don't know exactly where I got the idea, but I KNOW someone official told me not to wear makeup or do my hair, and they'd take care of everything. So that's how I arrived, in a taxi, right on schedule, straight from the shower, with glasses on, face fresh and moisturised, my bed head intact.
I sat happily reading a magazine in the foyer for quite a while, thinking to myself that the beauticians must be incredibly efficient, able to transform their charges in mere minutes into the uniformly glamorous images we see on the screen.
At last the cameraman came to find me - 15 minutes or so before we were due on air. Such was his professionalism that he made no comment about my hair or unadorned face, but instead said he'd show me the studio to familiarise me with the set-up. Of course I enquired about when we'd be going to Make-up, and that's when he informed me that no arrangements had been made and in fact none of the beauticians were at work yet.
When I recovered from the shock, I started rummaging round in my handbag. Eventually I found an ancient, dried-up tube of foundation at the bottom, loitering with one of my daughter's hot pink lipsticks. Unfortunately there was nothing as useful as mascara, and so I appeared on the show entirely innocent of eye make-up.
Friends who watched the programme commented that I did fine as soon as I warmed up. But at the start I looked very stressed. Wonder why?


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