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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Luke's speech: Crowded Nest Launch

At the launch of my book 'The Crowded Nest', I was fortunate enough to have my son Luke write a speech, which many people have suggested is really an unofficial introduction to the book itself. A sample is included below. To read the full text, visit my homepage and click the appropriate link.

'Every artist needs a muse – a reason for doing what they do. Johanne Vermeer had his ‘Girl with a pearl earring’. Leonardo Da Vinci had the Mona Lisa. When I heard that I would be featured in the first chapter of my mum’s new book, I tried to find the right mixture of surprise and humility. ‘Me?’ I thought. ‘Surely I’m notsignificant enough …’ But my mother insisted, chapter one was written and chapter two began … and I forgot about the book for a while. It was six months later, when it had already been accepted for publication, that I heard the book’s title for the first time. ‘It’s called The Crowded Nest,’ my mother told me. And the fear began to set in...'


Anonymous Peter said...

The launch for the Crowded Nest was great, and the book seems to be taking off. Suddenly, people seem to be taking notice of this new togetherness in family life and the changes in socio-economic circumstances in the Western world. Who says we don't have extended families any more? This book is a must for all crowded nesters, parents anf fledglings alike.

6:30 PM  

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