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Last year, as the unofficial blogger/photographer to the anti-East-West Link campaign, our battles were my blog's entire focus. But by Christmas, with the electoral win for people power and the dumping of the dud Tunnel, I was suddenly at a loss. What to write about now? Not sure yet. But there will be ongoing musings and images from this Australian life. So please leave a message. (No need to sign into an account. Simply comment as ‘anonymous’; then leave your name within the comment itself.)

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

I couldn't resist - I just had to add some more street scenes of Havana.

It's very interesting seeing which photos the Art Director at The Big Issue has chosen for my photo essay 'Running on Empty'. The magazine is out tomorrow and I am very excited. After I buy copies for all my family and friends our local vendor will probably be able to shut up shop for the day.
It's been a great experience collaborating with The Big Issue staff. I now really appreciate how much effort goes into selecting which photos to feature, displaying the images in their best light and interweaving the photos with the written text for maximum impact.
I imagined that when I submitted the article I would be handing over my photos for the staff to do with as they wished. But the actual experience has proved very different. I have been included all along the way and even though I am only a fledgling photographer my opinions and preferences have been taken seriously. It has meant that I have learnt a lot about the whole unfolding process - how what I saw and shot on a particular day translates into an artistic image on a page that hopefully tells a story and captures peoples' interest.
So if you see The Big Issue vendor when you are out and about over the next few days buy a copy and let me know what you think. I would love to hear.
Tonight we are off to the launch of 'Eros, Philos and Agape', a work by that wizard of photography (and my mentor) Ponch Hawkes. As the Basil Sellers Creative Arts Fellow for 2011-12, Ponch has been investigating the role of love, support and sacrifice in sport. Of course with all of us in the midst of Olympics fever, the timing of this work couldn't be better. The only problem is that the launch is at the MCG and Ponch keeps insisting that we are going to freeze, but nevertheless we'll be there with bells on (over our snow suits).



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