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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Hip Hip Hooray! Happy birthday to me!

What a week! Thank you Senate, for choosing the eve of my birthday to pass the clean energy bill. I needed no champagne to get high this year; I was so elated that I even forgot to stress about getting older.
Congratulations to all, including the parliamentarians, but particularly the thousands and thousands of us ordinary Australians who have done our bit to bring about this outcome. It was great to hear from Adam Bandt who credits our electorate, which returned him as the first Greens member of the House of Reps, with leading the way into the future. As a long-term Greens supporter, it doesn't get better that this.
I'd like to sign off with some comments that Al Gore, who deserves lots of credit himself, sent to the ACF among others -
I’ve spent enough time in Australia to know that your spirit of independence as a people cannot be underestimated. This motivation, this incredible energy, is what has powered you to victory. There is no doubt in my mind that your work made the passing of this legislation possible.
Of course, our efforts do not end here. This victory will be tested; it will be pushed and pulled and twisted by those very interests you have triumphed over. We need to keep up our work as concerned citizens and activists.
Today, we celebrate. Tomorrow, we do everything we can to make this legislation successful.


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